OBSERVA Field Monitor

Factum Radioscape’s Field Monitor is a small, robust and reliable usb-powered receiver designed for mobile measurements of DAB+ and FM transmissions, including Single Frequency Networks.

The OBSERVA Field Monitor is an innovative device for mobile monitoring and analysis of DAB+ and FM transmissions. Broadcasters worldwide are benefiting from an array of immediate and informative measurements provided by this state-of-the-art tool. Robust and reliable, the Field Monitor is an easy-to-use, affordable solution, tailored to suit the requirements of both large networks and small stations alike.

Data are logged against accurate gps information to produce real-time displays, including graphing of the bit errors rate in the Fast Information Channel, Phase Reference Symbol display and the Channel Impulse Response. The FM Statistics option displays receiver metrics, Radio Text statistics, RDS Flags and Group Counts, as well as providing graphical displays for Signal Level, Frequency Offset, Block Error-Rate and Spectrum. The Field Monitor enables users to create custom monitoring and logging interfaces that contain only the metrics that are required.This combination of customisable displays, real-time graphs and wide range of metric measurements gives users the most versatile too for accurate and informative field measurements.

For mobile measurements, map information can be cached prior to starting the journey. This allows for viewing real-time location and metrics without the need for an always-on internet connection. Multiple profiles can be created for storing selected metrics. These profiles can be saved and loaded into the software as required.