ENMUXA is the most versatile broadcasting software for digital radio distribution on the market. Comprising of encoders, multiplexing and system management, ENMUXA is designed to incorporate a wide range of audio and data input options, all adhering to the latest broadcasting standards. The software led approach allows complete flexibility in installation including premise-based deployment, virtualisation on server and the cloud. Utilising over 20 years’ experience in worldwide digital broadcasting systems, our highly trained DAB+ experts will work closely with you to deliver a cost effective, reliable and easily managed system.

Instant Access via your Web Browser…

ENMUXA features a brand new, browser based user interface built on the industry leading broadcast system currently serving millions of listeners world-wide. The contemporary style makes network management an easy and efficient process. Accessible via tablet and phone, ENMUXA provides everything you need to manage, supervise and control your broadcast ensembles wherever you are.

…on your Computer and Mobile devices!

Feature Rich Broadcasting Systems

We are committed to quality, service, innovation and putting our customers at the heart of our business.

Worldwide Supplier

We are the main supplier of reliable DAB+ systems broadcasting worldwide since 1997 with 1000s of services on-air.

Patented Technology

We invented (2005) and patented (2008) Voice break-in technology for road tunnels.

Market Leaders

Pioneer and market leader in mobile monitoring technologies for DAB+.

Expert Team

We have a team of experts with +15 years of experience in the industry.

Supporting DAB+ Deployment

Continuous support to DAB+ deployment via trials and demo. We are a member of WorldDAB Forum and WorldDAB Technical Commitee.

Trial Specialist

We specialising in trialing equipment to make sure that our products are up to the highest standards possible.

Multi-Platform Logins

Our groundbreaking technology allows you to control our digital broadcasting systems across a variety of different devices and platforms. Our Encoding and Multiplexing product range includes audio encoding, data insertion, multiplexing, distribution and multiplex management. Our analytical and management software utilise minimal and informative interfaces that make managing your system easy.

Access live monitoring, analysis of a complete DAB+ multiple and detailed metrics, graphs, service viewers and metric logging through your computer, tablet or mobile device.